About us

UBV Ocean & Air is an Italian-based company established with the aim of improving and easing the global supply chain process. UBV began its activity as a small company in the 1970s and throughout time and challenges, its consistent growth resulted in core achievements such 11 branches and more than 150 employees all around Italy.Our attention and objectives are still the same: to support and help you in expanding your horizons all over the globe. The company is constantly growing without losing sight of its primary objective: to help develop your business anywhere in the world. As market leaders, we strive every day to be a prominent player in the world of international forwarding by safetly covering every distance with skill and professionalism. We are attentive to your requirements being aware that we can best manage your needs by offering tailor-made services.



We are driven by our experience and passion to support our customers in a unique and dedicated way thanks to winning characteristics as flexibilty, dynamism, technical expertise and enterpreneural spirit


We aim to be leader in international shipping by covering every distance with skill, security and professionalism

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