Integrated logistics planned by a team of industry experts. If you are looking for a company specialized in integrated logistics, you are in the right place. Since the beginning of our activities, we have successfully dedicated ourselves to this particular area, paying great attention to the care of every smallest detail. We are a completely Italian company, always committed to facilitating and simplifying the global transport and logistics process. Currently have 9 branches with about 150 employees throughout the Italian territory. We want to face new challenges every day, guaranteeing the customer a complete range of services.

From integrated logistics to air, land and sea transport: call us now and find out what we have to offer you. We use our expertise to guarantee the customer all the latest news available in the sector. The use of a team of industry experts and the expertise gained over the years allow us to welcome and fulfill any kind of need. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information or clarifications: we will be happy to offer you all our support

We take care of everything.

Through the numerous warehouses located throughout Italy and abroad, we are able to offer a complete solution to be able to entrust the entire logistics process of the “supply-chain” to a single interlocutor, without having to worry about anything. Our long experience in the sector allows us to welcome, store and distribute the goods in an effective and careful way, paying great attention to every single logistical aspect that is relevant to meet your objectives.

What is integrated logistics?

With this term we mean a new approach that contemplates the complete interconnection and correlation of all the logistical processes that affect a company, starting from the starting point to finish at the point of arrival. This area includes:

  • Order management
  • The storage
  • The warehouse
  • Shipments
  • Goods tracking
  • Returns management

Opting for integrated logistics allows the company to benefit from a series of advantages, mainly related to savings in money, time and human resources. Another aspect that should not be underestimated is the management of the whole process with a single interlocutor. This translates into greater fluidity and speed of the entire process and a reduction in tasks and worries,

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If you want to know more about integrated logistics or to request a quote, please contact us. We are always by your side to offer you all our support, guaranteeing the greatest efficiency and professionalism. Since 1973 we have been successfully managing market demands in the supply chain and logistics fields, offering a wide range of services that can be fully customized in relation to customer requests. For more information on the latest logistics developments, visit the in-depth page.