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UBV Ocean & Air S.r.l.
Since 1972
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    UBV Fashion is a corporate department specialising in the carriage and delivery of your fashion collections that are handled with the same care and attention that characterise your own style and brand We do not overlook anything and we handle even a single piece of clothing or accessory as it were a precious stone.
    Your creations shall reach the events and fashion shows and the Italian and European tours they were meant for on time, even during the week-end, in dedicated shipments. We deliver groupage goods by appointment to your boutiques: shoes, clothing, accessories, visual and shopping bags. A new dynamic and fashion service

    • EVENTS

    We are open 24/7

    For urgent matters, write to fashion@ubv.it


    UBV Ocean & Air, thanks to its highly skilled staff and its several years' experience in the Project sector, can offer freight services and solutions throughout the world.

    UBV Ocean & Air is available to consult with its customers, in every phase of the project, for:

    • Feasibility studies
    • Planning and supervision of international goods carriage
    • Cross trade shipments
    • Ro-ro transportation, container or conventional services
    • Customs formalities, certificates, fumigation certificates and all necessary transport-specific authorisations.

    We are open 24/7

    For urgent matters, write to oceanair@ubv.it


    UBV Ocean & Air provides the best Break Bulk services and is therefore recognised as a valid and dynamic Break-Bulk Handler that manages B-Bulk ships and big bags from the Ancona and Livorno Ports.

    We can offer all possible solutions for Break-Bulk freight, thanks to our highly specialised and expert staff members, who can cope with any Break Bulk Cargo issues.

    We are open 24/7

    For urgent matters, write to oceanair@ubv.it


    Goods packaging is one of the most important aspects of modern business.
    Goods must be packed so as to be protected from damage in case of mishandling, but also in order to be as compact as possible, to save on carriage costs.

    UBV Ocean & Air offers its customers direct packaging services in its warehouses and also on site.

    We are open 24/7

    For urgent matters, write to oceanair@ubv.it

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